New Hoverboard Tech: How Long Until This Gets Put On A Sup?

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Recently Catalin Alexandru Duru broke the Guinness World Records Title for longest journey on a hoverboard the he invented at home! I didn’t even know there was a record to be broken.

How many of us, since Back to the Future II came out, dreamed of having our own hoverboard? This guy went out and invented his own! I remember about a year ago when a spoof came out featuring Doc Brown showcasing a hoverboard the was supposedly just invented and looked like the one from the movie. The video looked so real it had many people asking “where the heck can I buy one?”

This leads me to my question: With all the other sup creations going on out there, how long until we get one of these on a sup? You would sure get some attention out in the lineup 😉 But seriously, if someone invents one…I will volunteer to test it out. Have fun out there and if you like the clip then share the stoke 🙂