Cobian Footwear Sup Photo of the Year Contest May 2015 Edition


Sup Photo Contest

Anita Harwood: Anita Harwood & Taylor Hunn...whats more fun than sup yoga? Partnered sup yoga!!

Casey Stott: Amelia Stott & Nicholas freeman...Loving my sup board, we built them out of cedar and pine. We are from Alabama and love adventure.

Charity Hannah: 28 weeks pregnant with twin boys! SUP yoga is the most blissful activity I have found in the world. It has kept me sane through a twin pregnancy. I cannot wait to share my passion with my boys.

Charriere Dominique: 1st time together on SUP for my husband and our son, a great moment at "La Tranche sur Mer" in France !

Chris Le Messurier: Paying respects before sunrise for all soldiers who have fought & are fighting for our freedom. Photo taken on the Swan River, Perth Western Australia on Anzac Day Saturday April 25th 2015.

Denise Dugal: SUPing thru the cypress and Tupelo trees at Lake Martin in South Louisiana. It's a wildlife sanctuary and natural rookery. Lots of alligators that provide lots of incentive to stay on top of your board.

Eric Pappas: Hello! This is OnStar how can I help you? Taking a path through the 8 foot cattails at the Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma.

Eric Pappas Sweet! "I heard this place gives out free hugs". Exploring the North Canadian River in Oklahoma during winter.

Harry Lee: Calm mornings hanging out with the buoys in Torquay, Victoria, Australia. At a spot called Cozy Corner with first time paddler and local yoga instructor Patchula Thomas (@yogapatch)

J.M. Kostallas and friends "Your View of the world is a matter of perspective"

Jacky Dustin: Music City's Jacky Dustin and her dog LeRoy Bueno enjoying a SUPer beautiful day on Old Hickory Lake.

Jason Pike: Whale Shark in Bahia de Los Angeles, Baja, Mexico. We followed this beauty around for about an hour. It was amazing.

Javier Frauca: Sunset sup session last weekend, practicing before the storm!

Jillian Hodder: SUPYO Boston's Jill Hodder nailing her first SUP handstand during her teacher training at the gorgeous Oleta River State Park in Miami FL!!

Joao Santos: Smile, you are in a sup class!

John Engel: Super Yacht Reflections. My daughter and I went for a paddle to look at the Super Yachts that were moored at our local marina. It was the Easter holiday weekend and many of the larger boats had travelled the 20km up from Sydney Harbour to moor in the secluded bays around Kuring gai Chase National Park. This area has to be one of the best places in Australia to paddle. We ended up paddling 4 km up the bay and just as we turned for home a little tail wind picked up giving her her first downwind experience on a race board.

Junior Lisboa: A classic day by Platform Atlantida.

Karel Vandenborre: When they say you can't, then you have to!

Mathew wilson: me, my two daughters and my two puppies on Lake Weyba, Sunshine Coast QLD. Trying out our new Christmas presents. It appears my two dogs suffer separation anxiety.

Priscilla Mattos:  An unforgetable day at Ipanema's beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Sergio Garcia: La Paz Baja California Sur Mexico, young whale shark and I paddling in the bay.
Sergio Garcia: La Paz Baja California Sur Mexico, young whale shark and I paddling in the bay.

Sian Potts: Sian Potts & Karyn Holland Chilling with the pooches

Sierra Groth: Sierra Groth, Sydney Groth, Holly Hanson, Krista Metzger, Shelby Pearce, Izzy Gomez.  Before the epic nose dives, broken gopro, and black eye... Totally worth it.

Tony Henry: Happy Days! Pittwater on Sydney's Northern Beaches is SUP Paradise!

Victor Kozlov: One of the most beautiful areas in Israel, the north west part of the Sea of Galilee

Alexandra Ramos: Blue skies, clear water, white sand, this is my beautiful island. Where I can breathe peace because I live in paradise! Puerto Rico!

Arthur Jung: Coame Danião catching some waves in Fernando de Noranha Island, Brazil.

Carlos Boyd: How we do it in South Lousiana. Allison Smith and Finnegan paddling the beautiful LSU lakes. Just a girl and her dog gliding thru liquid sunshine!

Charity Arthur: Guinevere enjoying a little SUP trip with Mom and taking in the beautiful scenery on Quinn's Pond in Boise, Idaho.

Claire Ream: St. Simons Island native Claire Ream and her dog, Twiga, in route to their first tandem surf session.

Corran Addison running Maytag on the White Salmon in Washington on his Firestorm SUP

Debby Broitman Yahav: One of the nicest beaches in Israel, Sharing some quality time with a friend and enjoying a beautiful fogi sunset at the Caesarea beach.

Emily Critcher: Paddling amongst the Cypress Trees...

Emily Critcher: Few feelings surpass this one! Gliding through a glassy body of water reflecting the sky as the sun falls beneath the horizon.

Ahomas & Alex: Our little blue sup planet

Jesslynn Cody Armstrong: As we flow to our LIGHT, We surrender to our Shadows..., was Lisa Gill Veach’s inspired response to Jesslynn paddling her SUP towards the mid-May sunset for the first time on Lake Hefner (Oklahoma).

Kari Teigen 1: S.S. Bobbi on the fast track to chasing ducks and turtles. Her new method of fishing the entire lake instead of just the shoreline.

Kari Teigen: "It's a beautiful thing to have lungs that allow you to breathe air and legs that allow you to climb mountains, and it's a shame that sometimes we don't realize that that's enough" Loving life and enjoying the little moments-and great MN weather!

Miro Skorjanc: Everyday we sup Velenje Lake... it is a must do for us. Great people, great lake, great SUP center!

Rui Magalhães: Stand up Paddle Board is the perfect sport for a corporate team building session. - Portugal

Ryan Jones 1: Exploring Tennessee waters for the first time in Rock Island, TN

Ryan Jones: Talli is watching for manitees while I hunt for redfish on the L2Fish!

Ryan Wenker: Another epic early morning paddle upon Fallen Leaf Lake, Lake Tahoe, California.

Stacey Mac: Stacey Mac, SUP SURF Instructor at SUP SONAS in Boston & Costa Rica and COREBAN & KIALOA Ambassador, taking some leisurely meditation time away from the surf and away from being in the photo, so she could capture some peace at her SUP YOGA class at Sunset Lake in Braintree, Massachusetts, on her COREBAN Echo board! She's in action "chilling" in this photo, I promise!

Tomoko Okazaki: Traveling to Tohoku coastline where the huge Tsunami hit in 2011. still some remain of the building in the background but the water was more alive than ever and the sand was back to create some surf . Now the government is trying to build 15m seawall here all the way across the bay to "protect " from Tsunamis, people say they need the road to evacuate to higher ground first, no one lives there they all moved to higher ground so nothing to protect be hid the walls, it is more dangerous that you cannot see the tsunami coming because of the high walls, it will separate local people and kids from ocean. and it will effect the whole eco system, Tohoku still faces many problems and recovery . for this moment it was great to share a wave with my favorite furry animal to celebrate liveliness of the ocean.

Yann Lauletta: Always on the search for the winter ramps.

Darren Anderson: First paddle of 2015 on Lake Grapevine

Denton Chase: SUP'ing with friends...Sharing waves is typically a no-no. Unless the waves are really small, really big or you are with friends. Denton Chase (blue board) and Ian Wallace (orange board) in Northern California.

Eddie Devereaux: Purple Haze - It's in my brain. Sup Surfer catching some of Cape Cod green meanness against a purple day glow created by me.

Emily Critcher: Few feelings surpass this one...Gliding through a glassy body of water reflecting the sky as the sun falls beneath the horizon.

Frans Gerber: That moment when the sun hits the horizon and the balance of light and darkness makes the world come alive, Shark Rock, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Jami Daniels: Swan river rushing out the wild mile

Karyne Martl: Hi my dog and i love to paddle here in Quebec city, Canada. He ´s my pal and cannot go sup without him... He like it so much he stand on it even when my board is not ready: he a real surfer

Mia Mancuso: NYC Labor and Delivery Nurse Mia Mancuso - "I take my time off very seriously!!" Baja Mexico - where she fell in love with SUP and will never travel again without it....or that beer in hand.

Nancy Pfeifer: Brigitte Hazen getting a glimpse of a beautiful sunset at Dana Point, CA while battling some rough waters.

Nancy Pfeifer: cruising Balboa Bay, Newport Beach on SuperPaddle Sunday

Robert Merk: Paddling on the Coquitlam river , Coquitlam BC Canada

Scott Hustins: We are so blessed to be able to paddle the crystal clear waters of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands!

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