Sup: Get Ripped Shoulders With Perfect Pumpkin Exercise

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Carve Out Some Ripped Shoulders with the SUP “Pumpkin Perfect Arms” Exercise

Grab your SUP, grab your paddle, grab a pumpkin and get pumped about getting “gourd”-eous arms! This exercise works the shoulders, triceps and biceps. Aim for 3 sets of 10-15, and pick a pumpkin that’s between 5-10 lbs.

To begin: Stand on your board with feet hip distance apart and hold the pumpkin in both hands straight out in front of your belly button.

Curl the pumpkin up towards your chest and then press straight up overhead. Return the same way and repeat 10-15 times. For an added bonus squeeze the hands firm against the pumpkin and work the muscles of the chest!

Who says carving is just for jack-o-lanterns…now you carve a killer body too!

Pumpkin Exercise for SUP Fall fun 3

Pumpkin Exercise for SUP Fall fun 2

Pumpkin Exercise for SUP Fall fun 1

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