Keahi de Aboitiz 2014 AWSI SUP Athlete of the Year Video


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Keahi de Aboitiz submission for the Association of Wind and Watersports Industry Association (AWSI) SUP Athlete of the year. The video was first show and the annual AWSI awards show and party at Surf Expo, September 2014.

Keahi got into the sport of Stand up Paddling when he was 16 and has been pushing the boundaries ever since also boasting some pretty impressive results. After a 3rd place in the Australian nationals he decided to pursue some stops on the standup world tour. In 2011 he actually scored the first perfect 10 of the Stand up world tour and in 2012 he was able to take 4th in the location X finals in the BVI’s. Today Keahi continues to juggle both sports spending his time chasing around the best conditions and pushing the boundaries.

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