SUP Fitness: Two-Step Tricep Toner Exercise

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Looking to tone the bag of your arms so there is no jiggle in your “waving goodbye”? Well along with a nice steady paddle session, look no further than these simple and fun exercises you can do the next you hit the water!

SUP Side-lying Presses

Begin by laying on your right side with your top hand behind the head and bottom elbow directly under the shoulders. With knees bent, press into your bottom hand and press up from elbow to hand, and then lower down again. Repeat this, holding the abs in tight for 8-10 reps. Then switch and repeat on the left side.

SUP Two-Exercise Tricep Toner 4

SUP Two-Exercise Tricep Toner 3

SUP One-arm Tricep Push-up

Lay down on your right side with bottom arm wrapped around your waist and top hand in front of the bottom shoulder on the board. Bend your knees and using your top hand, press yourself up and then lower down again. Repeat this, holding the abs nice and tight for 8-10 reps. For more of a challenge, lift the top leg and extend it out as you press up, or add more reps! Switch and repeat on the other side.

SUP Two-Exercise Tricep Toner 2

SUP Two-Exercise Tricep Toner 1

Tip: Do 3 rounds of these two exercises, back to back after a nice long paddle session and enjoy stronger, more sleek looking arms to keep tank top season alive and well!

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