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What is a “Burpee”? Well, aside from being a really fun word to say, it’s also a really fun exercise to try, and an effective overall total body sculpting move that also doubles as cardio. Burpees are a series of movements that you can do in sets of 5, 10, 15, or even more depending on your fitness level to get the heart rate up and every muscle of the body working!

Doing them on land is one thing, but bring them to your SUP and when you begin try these moves against the resistance of the water, and the instability of the board, it becomes a whole new workout. In the instructions below, I’ll give you modifications for ‘burpee basics’, and then show you how ‘burpee-blast-the-fat-off’ in the full version. And remember, if the up and down movements do make you belch during the whole process, well that’s just all part of the fun and a little bonus detox.

Burpee Basics – Modified Version:

Start standing on your SUP, feet hip distance apart, with your paddle set straight down the middle of your board, or tucked away with your paddle port or leash (out of your way basically). Reach arms overhead, then squat down, place your hands down shoulder width apart and directly under the shoulders, and step your feet back to plank one a time. Hold for one second, then step the feet back up to the hands, and stand and reach back up! Repeat this 5 times to start, building up to 10-15 times. You will be winded and that’s a good thing!

SUP Burpee Blast 1

SUP Burpee Blast 2

SUP Burpee Blast 3

SUP Burpee Blast 4

SUP Burpee Blast 5

Burpee Blast – Full Version:

Start standing on your SUP, feet hip distance apart, and as you reach arms overhead, take a little hop up off the board, landing softly with knees bent. Squat down place the hands down under the shoulders and jump the feet back to plank. Hold for one second in plank, then take a big hop back up the hands with the feet. As you come up, launch off the board and jump back up towards the sky, landing softly with your knees bent and going right into the next burpee. (If the hops make you fall in, that’s all part of the workout as you climb back up on the board). Repeat this 5 times starting out, and build up to 10-15 reps. Rest for a minute in between each set and aim for 3-5 sets!

SUP Burpee Blast 5

SUP Burpee Blast 7

SUP Burpee Blast 8

SUP Burpee Blast 9

SUP Burpee Blast 10

SUP Burpee Blast 6

To see this move in action, check out my SUP Fitness video series at Standuppaddlingtv on youtube:

And be sure check out my FREE downloadable SUP workout podcasts on iTunes and called “Get Fit on the Water”:

Paddle fit my friends!

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