The New supPOCKET – A Huge Help to Standup Paddleboarders

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The new supPOCKET attaches to your SUP board allowing you to carry personal items such as water, flip-flops, sunscreen and snacks with you on your paddle journey or regular paddle exercise regime.

Until now, carrying items on board has been tricky, and many alternative products such as kayak deck bags, fanny packs and even bulky coolers have been experimented with to resolve the on-board storage problem.

That’s why The supPOCKET is a real game-changer for SUP boarders. It has been designed with a super low profile meaning it is less affected by wind or water and therefore does not impede progress. Made in the USA from high quality components and materials, The supPOCKET is a quality, durable product that comes in two different designs – The supPOCKET and The supPOCKET Net.

sup pocket

Additional accessories for The supPOCKET include The Waterproof Bag (for inside The supPOCKET), The Inflatable Kit (for inflatable boards) and The supPOCKET Crate Pad (to attach crates to your board). The supPOCKET retails at $49.95, and you can see further details at

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