Naish GLIDE 14.0 GX and GS Touring Fitness Racing Stand Up Paddleboard


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Performance gliding boards for touring, fitness training and racing

Naish Glide 14' gx and gsThe new Glide 14’0” is designed with an ultra fast rocker line and bottom shape, and added stability for touring, long distance exploring and all-around fitness. It also features a recessed deck in the stance area to lower the rider’s center of effort for increased stability and paddling power.


eva deck pad gs and gx


naish glide gx construction

naish glide gs construction

[table caption=”SPECIFICATIONS”] Length,Width,Thickness,Weight,Volume,Max Rider Weight
14’0″/426.7 cm,29 1/4″/74.3 cm,5 1/2″/14 cm,GX: 28.7/13 kg GS: 35.3/16 kg,280 L,230lbs/104kg