Stand Up World Tour: Sunset Beach Pro – 32 Men Advance to Round 3

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SUNSET BEACH, HAWAII – It was a clear and hot day with very light winds for the first day of the Sunset Beach Pro main event. 48 men started the day in conditions that could be considered mid-range for Sunset with a 4-6 foot swell. While the waves were not as large as in previous years, the conditions were smooth with barreling overhead sets coming through all day.

Seven different countries were represented by the athletes, who came as far away as France, Denmark, and Australia, as well as several North Shore locals who just live down the road from Sunset Beach.

Experience proved to be a life-saver for several competitors, particularly Robin Johnston and Kala Alexander. These two North Shore locals earned a spot in round 3 after losing their first heat, but getting a second chance in the Repercharge heat and earning a spot into the next round.

Florida brothers Fisher and Kieran Grant continued to impress judges and spectators with solid performances in their first-ever Stand Up World Tour contest. The two had qualified from the trials competition, beating out 26 other competitors to earn a spot in the main event.

2014 sunset beach pro main event

Tonight: Talk Story With the Maui Boys

talk story with maui boys

The island of Maui is synonymous with innovation in ocean sports. Names like Laird, Buzzy, Naish, Kalama, and more are all important figures in forming the modern waterman culture. Now a new generation of legends in the making are taking shape on Maui, and these guys will be sharing some insight into their envy-producing life aquatic.

Join Kody Kerbox, Connor Baxter, Kai Lenny, and Zane Schweitzer for an intimate Talk Story session tonight at 7PM HST at Surfer, the bar at Turtle Bay Resort. If you cannot make the session in person, we will be webcasting live and hosting online for later viewing. Tune in to see the action.

Next Up: Final Day

There are four more rounds of competition heats left. The contest will wrap up with one more day of competition sometime between Thursday and Sunday, Feb. 13-16, with conditions looking the best for Friday. Stay tuned to each morning at 7AM HST for the final call.

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