Surf Expo 2014 – A Mermaid’s Top 15 Favorite “Finds”


Jodelle’s Top Sup Gear Pics at Surf Expo

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Jodelle as a mermaidA mermaid knows the water. A mermaid knows what works in and on the water and what doesn’t. Mermaids are also known for finding treasures.
And after spending three fun-filled, tail-flapping days at Surf Expo in Orlando, as a real live mermaid on the cutting room floor of the new 2014 products, as a here are a few of my favorite treasures when it comes to the surf and SUP industry. These all have this mermaids kiss of approval and are products I highly recommend! So in random order, may I be the first to introduce you to the best of SURF EXPO as told by a mermaid.

Raw Elements USA GMO and Chemical Free Sunscreen

Raw ElementsThe first thing? If a mermaid used sunscreen, it would need to be reef-safe, biodegradable, as organic as possible, chemical-free, and of course waterproof. And I’ve found it: RAW Elements USA sunscreen…

Since I’m not really a makeup girl and don’t wanna look 90 when I’m 40 I love using the Ecotint stick each and every day to protect my face. Tinted to blend into your skin color, never runs into your eyes or gets white no matter how wet you are or how much you sweat, moisturizes enough that I don’t need a face cream, and you can even apply it in the water! But the best part? It’s chemical free and the only non-GMO verified sunscreen and 70% organic so it’s safe enough for me to use or to put on my someday baby mermaid. Check them out at

The BIC SUP “Cross”

bic sup boardWhen my sea legs get anxious to stand, SUP is my hobby of choice. So next, on my list is my new favorite board, the BIC SUP “Cross”. The newest SUP in the Bic lineup designed to be fast on the water but stable enough for fitness and yoga on the water so you know I love that!

The deck pad feels like your favorite cushy yoga mat and the platinum look makes it “shine bright like a diamond” on the water. But my favorite part: let’s say you scratch it that gorgeous platinum sheen? Like a diamond it’s platinum through and through so no need to worry about scratching that beautiful shine off with blade nicks. It bleeds platinum. Well done BIC. Check them out at

Nocqua Stand Up Paddleboard Night Lights

NocquaWith my new BiC Cross SUP, I couldn’t be more “lit” with excitement with new gadget I’ll be showcasing on it this summer! Get ready for SUP “Light up the Lake” Glow tours with the Nocqua LED under-the-board lighting system that will allow us to paddle and even do yoga in a safe and fun “glowing” way. Experience the under water life like never before as fish flock to your lights on your board even follow a guided on the water yoga session that brings a whole new meaning to the word, “enlightenment”!

Nocqua is a great system of light strips that easily and quickly attaches to any standard SUP. Available with color changing option, or simply bright white lights. And every system contains a rechargeable battery and portable carrying bag making it eco-friendly and easy to transport. By the light of these glowing systems, be sure to keep your eyes wide open for the mysterious mermaid, “Nocqua” herself to make an appearance. Discover more and do more SUPing with Nocqua. You can find more information at

MTI Adventurewear PFD Pack

mti pfdMermaids love style, mermaids love style, mermaids love to keep themselves and others safe, and mermaids love love. That is why I won’t ever set foot on my board with my MTI Adventurewear PFD pack right alongside me, literally. I just attach the pack around my waist and I’m off for a nice long paddle knowing I’m safe and secure, not only for myself but for my loved ones too.

Their new sleek “Om packs” are great for when you plan to do yoga or fitness on your SUP and want a more fluid pack that won’t get in the way. Easily inflatable in the event of any emergency with a simple tug of the rip cord, and contains a convenient pocket for keys or chapstick, or extra mermaid love, this pack is a must-have for any SUP enthusiast and comes in a variety of coast-guard approved designs and styles. Live, love, life (jackets).
Get safe and secure at

Standup Journal Magazine

Standup Journal Adam and JodelleI may be a little bias about this company since they post all my articles and have started a blog for me on their website, but these guys at Standup Journal have a true passion for the art, passion, and functionality of SUP. Not only does this magazine bring great photos to the table (no pun intended) but they also have quality content in the magazine about where to SUP and who’s paving (or should I paddling) the way for further exploration.

Their online content is complete with inspiring stories, trending product reviews, wellness and fitness articles (provided by yours truly) and much much more. I love reading the digital version on my iPad and soaking up all the unlimited ideas of travel and exploration that is found in every issue, giving me more ideas of my next mermaid escapade. If you haven’t filled out your subscription card yet for this uber-spectacular publication, then you are missing out on what I coined as the “eye candy of paddle adventures”. Get yours now by visiting

Waboba Water Ball

WabobaMermaids are playful, and always out for a good time. A fun experience I will be implementing this summer is SUP Frisbee Fun paddles as well as “SUP is a ball” paddles… More info on those to come but the idea came to me when I saw this: the Waboba ball. It bounces on the water! Funny name but serious fun! I can picture all of us getting wet and having a ball with this little guy! Find out more at

Freewaters Sandals

free waters footwearFreewaters sandals had me at “hello”. Anything with the Endless Summer logo and I’m stoked! Not only are these totally rad with movie icon on them but they are actually amazingly comfortable too! My team from Raw Elements and I wore them all during the show (well when I wasn’t flapping my mermaid tail) and the arch support and comfy straps reminded us of another couple of iconic movie like “Footloose” and “Happy Feet”, since that pretty much describes how our feet felt at the end of the day. Thanks for the flippers when I wasn’t flapping, Freewaters. Flip-flop your way over to to find out further facts.

Indosoles Repurposed Recycled Shoes

indo soleAnyone who knows mermaids knows we love repurposed, recycled items, especially when they are funky and cute too. Meet Indosoles shoes… Handcrafted in Indonesia with repurposed things like tire tread for the soles, as well as an organic fabric used in all their products including their clothing line. The insides are removable to be washed and they are as comfy as they are trendy! If mermaids have to where shoes, you can rest assured they are soles with soul. You can learn more at

Peripheral Sunglasses, Flip Flops and Apparel

peripheralJust like Huey Lewis says, My future is so bright, I gotta wear shades. And I found some pretty rad ones with two separate companies, for two different reasons. Since Mermaids are all about serving those in need and giving back (made by the lovely little mermaid Kiristen you see in the picture) be sure to check out a surf-stoked design that’a all about giving back. Kiristen created these “sunnies” in true Grand Caymen Island style and make you look good and protect those peepers, but more than that, The Peripheral Foundation empowers creative/active individuals or groups to overcome social and financial boundaries! “Support the Peripheral Foundation” through donations or purchasing any of their quality products. Sunglasses, Flip Flops and apparel.

Vigor Eyewear and Polarized Sunglasses

VigorFor the polarized sunglasses aficionados, I bring you Vigor. Made for hard-core surf and SUP activity and made to be bendable, lightweight, and made well, these sporty little shades will not only keep those pesky “crow’s feet” from landing on your face anytime soon, but will also reduce the water’s glare. And the bright yellow color was totally eye-catching (get it?) You can find them at

Sweaty Bands

Eat my bubbles“I love when sweaty hair gets in my mouth,” said no one ever. You won’t have to worry about it with Sweaty Bands. No fly-aways, no fly-in-your face-hairs, and no slipping down to your pony. These bands stay in place. Who wants to stop paddling and fix their hair? What about getting through a whole hot yoga sun salutation without adjusting your headband? Wouldn’t it be nice to get through a whole mile of your run without reaching up to pull your band back in place? If you’ve been plagued with “band slippage” with Sweaty Bands you can rest assured your shiny, smooth locks will be held fast with the comfortable velvet backing without squeezing your melon and bringing on the brain pain. It will be the last head band you ever need but you still might want to collect the whole set or customize your own with all their trippy fabrics and custom design features! Get your sweat on by visiting

Lazy But Intelligent Apparel

Lazy But IntelligentThis up and coming apparel company is for the lazy at heart but the intelligent by design. Who doesn’t love a little play on words on your head? LBI is the name and you can find them at

SUPreme Clothing Line

supremeI have had my eye on SUPreme clothing line for the past two Surf Expos and this time I had to give them a mention. They are really thinking of everything when it comes to getting us warm, but not too warm, on the water. The thin but protective design easily moves with you and the layerable designs make the need for a full cumbersome wetsuit no more. Stay warm SUPing (or in true mermaid form swimming passionately) through the waters, and move free with their zip up jackets, their new skin-like yoga capris, and their reflective, visible colors. Layer with the quick-dry long or short sleeve tees and get out there in record time instead of exhausting all your time and energy getting into a wetsuit. Get your SUP-er SUPreme gear at

Secure Your Paddle With Paddle Port

Paddle PortAs a stand-up Mermaid and a SUP Fitness and Yoga Instructor for BIC SUP, I love every aspect of teaching and incorporating the paddle as fitness equipment when possible. However it’s not always possible and I can’t tell you how many times I wished I had an easily accessible yet out of the way place to put my paddle. I tie to my leash it floats too far away when I need it. If I lay it on the board, I’m forever moving it depending on where I am in my workout.

So when I found out about the Paddle Port, I knew I had to try it. Made in the USA and easy to apply, my paddle now has a safe little summer home to retire to when it’s not in my hands. Got a long walk to the water and lots of gear to carry including your board and paddle? Now you just attach your paddle to your board and keep your hands free for other things, like throwing up a “Shaka” sign to all your pals as you head to the water. And with how easily accessible my paddle is now when I’m doing fitness and drifting into the “sticks” I can quickly grab it and paddle on. With the added option of making this little guy a permanent fixture on your SUP there is no reason why your paddle should be here there and everywhere and causing you angst. Get a port and go paddle and find them at

Shellies Starfish Hair clip

Shellie Seashell hair accessoriesTo all my fellow mermaids out there, your hair will be much happier when held back by a Shellies Starfish Hair clip. Every single time I wear mine, I get compliments and who doesn’t love compliments! Well-made and available in a variety of clip, pin, and band options, you will never run out of ways to rock your Shellies styles. A “shell’ of a good place to learn more is

I only scratched the surface of all the amazing products showcased at Surf Expo, but from a mermaid’s perspective, these are just a few of my new go-to favorites that will definitely be on my SUP this season. And what a great season it’s going to be as stand up paddle is bigger than ever. Stay SUP-er and see you on the water! -Love, Jodelle Fitzwater, BiC SUP Ambassador and SUP TV Fitness Trainer and self-proclaimed mermaid
[divider] [author image=””>Jodelle Fitzwater “Jodelle Fitzwater is the Midwest Ambassador for BiC SUP and Certified Fitness Trainer for SUP TV. She is also a self-proclaimed mermaid because she has no fear of depth and a great fear of shallow living. Find her instructional fitness videos by visiting SUP TV on YouTube and by visiting “liking” on Get Fit With Jodelle on Facebook.” [/author]

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