Jamie Mitchell Versus Hercules: The Best Pics and Videos in One Place


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“Alright, maybe one more view of Jamie Mitchell’s Belharra bomb, this time showing the moment when surfer and surfboard stopped working as a single unit. There are very few other human beings in the world who can describe what this moment felt like, but feel free to try…(in a comment). Photo by Olivier Payet.” -Billabong XXL

jamie mitchell billabong

Jamie Mitchell (Gold Coast, Australia) paddles into one of the biggest waves ever attempted at Belharra, France, begins the drop and then experiences a wipeout of historic proportions. Shot on January 7, 2014 during the “Hercules” swell along the Basque Country coast. Video by Vincent Kardasik. An entry a yet-to-be determined category of the 2014 Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards presented by Pacifico. For more info see the event website at www.BillabongXXL.com.

“We promised you more views of Jamie Mitchell’s herculean battle with Belharra, so here you go. This shot is by Pierre Bernard Gascogne. Who wants to estimate a face height here? (Just for fun.)” -Billabong XXL

jamie mitchell belharra reef france

Belharra meets Hercules from Vincent Kardasik on Vimeo.

OK, here it is – the zoomed in version! How big does this look now?? Otherwise, the caption will remain the same: Behold another breathtaking angle of Jamie Mitchell as he took on on Hercules this morning, paddling into a wave of mythical proportions with his own two hands. Belharra photo by Aurelien Leborde. -Billabong XXL

Jamie Mitchell Hurcules swell zoomed in

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