Ski All Year Round With the New Riverski

Global Partner

Riverski SHThe skis by Riverski Sports™ allow users to experience the ultimate new sport.

Ski on a river as you would down a snow covered mountain, picking your line through rapids in the way you would a module run, with two independent self-buoyant skis attached to each foot by boots and a double bladed paddle in hand.

Skis by Riverski Sports are designed to be used on rivers and all phases of water. Riverskiing is the action of skiing (motor-less, without being towed) preferably on a moving body of water for the ultimate ride. The custom paddle is used to assist paddlers with forward movement, navigating turns, stopping, changing direction and avoiding obstacles in the water.

The skis offer a new paddle sport for all those interested in enjoying a full body recreational experience. Paddlers appreciate an enhanced view on the water while enjoying a challenge not offered by conventional paddle sports. Slip into the boots on land and walk right on to the water with the skis, a foreign concept yet a shockingly familiar feeling. The skis are the next step in the evolution of stand-up paddling. A new and natural way to stand-up paddle, step onto the water and ski!

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