3 Key Sup Exercises Dramatically Improve Speed, Balance and Tone Abs

sup balance lunges

Stand Up Paddle Board (Sup) Sprinter Lunges:

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This is perfect for anyone who runs as well as sups because it will help improve your speed and make you a more explosive runner while also improving your balance as a stand up paddler. You will also have the added benefit of toning your abs and core because you will be preforming this exercise on the water, which forces you to engage those muscles to keep balanced.

To start you will get into a squat position with your feet about hip width apart and comfortable. Place your paddle length ways under your shoulders keeping a flat back and making sure to squat through your heels.

Put 80% of your weight on you left heel and take a big step back on your board with your right leg, lowering into a lunge and quickly bring it back to your starting position.

You will want to complete 10 repetitions on each side and make sure that you do not straighten and lock out your legs so that they remain under constant stress for maximum impact.

Also, make sure you are not lifting your hips and you are staying in a low squat with a flat back. This is one of those exercises that is that is going to cause an extreme burn and will be as much of a mental challenge as it is physical to complete. Stick with it and the gains far outweigh the pain.


Stand Up Paddle Balance Lunges

Utilizing 3 points of contact on the board (your two feet and your paddle) this is a great way to safely execute a lunge on the board building leg strength and balance.

Start with feet hip distance apart. Holding the paddle in your left hand, place the blade tip down on the board arms width in front of your left hip.

Take a giant step back with your left leg using paddle as “third point of contact on board” for balance. Lower your back knee down towards the board hovering just above the board for a second, making two 90 degree angles with the legs.

Keep your weight in front heel and your back toes. Your back remains straight throughout the movement, keeping abs engaged, as you stand back up. Repeat for 10-15 reps and then switch legs. Is there a fire in your thighs yet??


SUP Teaser/Ab Ripper

You tease your hair to make it look good, but do you “tease” your abs? You should! This somewhat more advanced Pilates exercise formerly done on land can be taken to the board and become even more of a balance challenge, as you work to hold your body in a “v” shape on the SUP and “tease” those abs to fire all the deep abdominal fibers on command! Just a few sets of these several times a week and you’ll be “teasing” those around you to take a nice long look at your chiseled abs!

Begin by laying flat on your back with arms overhead and legs stretched out long. Holding your paddle over head with arms shoulder-width apart, begin to curl forward, while simultaneously lifting both legs up until your body forms a “v” shape.

Keep your shoulders down your back and your spine long as you hold for just a second and then return back to a supine position lying on the board. Repeat 5-10 times completely 2-3 sets with rest in between each set.

To modify, begin by lifting only one leg, and keeping the bottom leg bent and the foot flat on the board. This exercise overtime will most assuredly “tease” those abs out of hiding!

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