Game Changing: Keep Fit For Sup Any Time With New Vasa Ergometer


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While we prefer to find our fun on the water, keeping fit for SUP can be a formidable challenge when life’s logistics, limited daylight or foul weather prevents it.  Now paddlers of any ability can maintain paddling-specific endurance and improve stroke power anytime with the Vasa Ergometer.  The Vasa Erg has an adjustable airflow resistance that delivers a smooth, realistic stroke throughout the paddler’s range of motion.

Any Vasa Erg delivers great SUP action and you can vary where you stand while paddling – from the stable floor to the totally unstable SurfSet board.   Every Vasa Erg functions the same way, whether it’s the Vasa Kayak Erg, Vasa Swim Erg or the wall-mounted SpaceSaver Erg.   All can be used for SUP, Kayak & canoe paddling, as well as for surf paddling, swimming, and functional training.

The optional Power Meter provides precise measurement of Right side / Left side power (watts), pace, time, distance, and stroke rate.

Vasa Kayak Erg

SpaceSaver Erg

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