1 Simple Sup Exercise That Gives You The Perfect Bootie

super bun shaper sup exercise 4

SUP-er Bun Shaper Exercise

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Are you looking for an exercise that helps round out your backside? Boost the booty? Trim and tone that tooshie? Well, this sup exercise will definitely do the trick.

It isolates each cheek individually and the various movements hit all parts of the glutes. In addition, it can help with hip mobility and strength and provide better core strength for paddling. Ready for a booty that won’t quit? Let’s get started!

Begin by setting your paddle down the center or your board or tying it out of the way. Step your right toes way back behind you and set the back knee down.

super bun shaper sup exercise 1

Hands can be shoulder-width apart on your board just outside your front foot for stability. Engage the core, and press off your back toes and begin to lift and and stand the front leg straight, keeping your hands down.

super bun shaper exercise 2

super bun shaper exercise 3

Lift that right leg as high as you can up in to the air, and then squat back down through the standing leg and lower the knee back down.

super bun shaper sup exercise 4

super bun shaper exercise 5

super bun shaper exercise 6

super bun shaper exercise 7

Beginners complete 5-8 of these on one side and more advanced try 8-10 reps. Repeat on the other side to round out your workout and round our those cheeks!

Performed by: Jodelle Fitzwater

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