4 Simple But Extremely Effective Sup Exercises Anyone Can Use

Sup Yoga Donkey Calf Raises 2

SUP Up and Overs

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This exercise is a great tool for racers learning to become efficient at regaining their composure after a fall during a race in a quick manner.

When practiced regularly this exercise will make getting back on your board quick and efficient as well as it being a great cardiovascular exercise for getting your heart rate up! The faster you can perform this exercise, the greater the benefit.

Imagine being in a race and trying to get back on the board as quickly as possible.

Start off your board in the water, with your paddle tied off. Then, toss one arm all the way across the middle of your board and pull yourself up onto your belly on the board, then quickly pull your knees under and come to the knees.

Sup Yoga Up and Overs 1

Sup Yoga Up and Overs 2

Sup Yoga Up and Overs 3

Next its back into the water on the other side of the board, to repeat the same moves again, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Keep core engaged to help you stay tight and controlled as you come up and down.

Sup Yoga Up and Overs 7

Sup Yoga Up and Overs 6

Repeat the moves until you have a total of 10 up and overs. (One on one side, two on the other, three back over and so forth…) As you become more efficient, practice standing all the way up and then back down dropping your paddle and recovering just like you would in a race.

Very effective, very cardiovascular, and very refreshing if you’ve had a nice sweaty paddle!:)

Donkey Calf Raises

Another variation of simple calf raises to build diamond calves is the “donkey” variation. This simultaneously stretches the calves while working them as well!

Start with feet hip width apart. Bent at the hips, keeping back flat and set your blade tip on the board out in front of you with arms stretched out forward and your gaze slightly forward as well.

Sup Yoga Donkey Calf Raises 1

Stick that tailbone out and keep a micro-bend in the knees as you press up to your toes and then lower the heels back down. Avoid putting all your weight into the paddle but rather just keep tips of the fingers grasped on for balance. Continue for 15-20 reps.

Sup Yoga Donkey Calf Raises 2

Sup Leg Raises

Here is and excellent way to work your buns and your hips at the same time while on your sup:

A Sup Leg Raise is both simple and extremely effective at toning and burning any excess fat you want to lose.

You will find that after 2 sets your butt will be on fire (in a good way) and in need of a rest. The best solution is to stand up and paddle around for a couple good sprint sessions to keep your heart rate up and make the workout more effective.

Here is how it works… Start on all fours making sure to keep your hands and legs about shoulder width apart.

Sup Yoga Leg Raises

Then, suck your abs in so you feel a tightening especially in your lower abs. Then lengthen your right leg at a 45-degree angle making sure to touch the water with your toes.

Next, take a deep breath and lift your leg up, pointing to the sky as high as possible, making sure to square up your hips. Pause for a brief moment and then exhale lowering your let back down into the water.

Sup Yoga Leg Raises 2

You will want to perform 15-20 repetitions on each side and aim to complete 3 sets to really get the full benefit and feel the burn in your muscles.

Stand up paddle board crunches

Want to get that ever elusive 6-pack? Use these very simple sup yoga techniques to achieve your fitness goals including tightening up your tummy.

Standup paddling is an excellent way to tone your core! You are constantly engaging abdominal and back muscles when performing an aggressive stroke pattern, but you can also help increase your core muscle mass by using your own body weight executing a crunch on your board. It’s not unlike the crunch you use on land, but with the added instability of water, it brings this exercise to a whole new level of effectiveness.

The first thing you need to do is lay on your back, bending your knees while making sure to keep your feet flat on the board or suspended slightly in the air for added resistance. Take a deep breath and raise your standup paddle high in the air horizontally over your chest.

Sup Yoga Crunch 1

Next, lift your shoulders off the board, curling forward while exhaling making sure to tuck in your stomach. Keep your chin lifted of your chest and your head relaxed while extending the paddle toward your legs. Touch the paddle to your legs, pause for a moment, and then retract back to the board slowly relaxing your shoulders until you reach the starting point in a controlled movement.

Sup Yoga Crunch 2

You will want to do 2-3 sets of 15-20 reps for maximum impact. You can also practice extending your legs out further on the board away from your butt for an increased challenge.

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