Standup World Series at Turtle Bay Final Results Pics and Videos

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Na Kama Kai achievement award goes to Arthur Arutkin
Each year the Stand Up World Series and Na Kama Kai ( recognizes exceptional performances from young up and coming athletes on both the Stand up World Tour and Series. In 2012, it was Mo Freitas (Focus SUP/Body Glove) who took the honors, while in 2013, one young athlete of just 16 years old shone throughout the event, in particular in the World Series Sprints, making it all the way to the Final and battling with the World Champion Kai Lenny to the bitter end to finish in an incredible 2nd place. Arthur Arutkin (Fanatic) is his name and he is certainly a major talent to watch out for looking ahead to 2014, as he makes his way around the world to compete on both the Stand Up World Series and Surfing Tour. Given the challenging and intense conditions, this was even more impressive, as Arthur handled the full size surf and established himself as a front runner. Watch the highlights at: WWW.WATERMANLEAGUE.COM

Mariko and Angie battling Standup World Series Finals