Kneeling Lunge with a Twist on a Standup Paddle Board

Sup Kneeling Lunge with a Twist 5
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Kneeling Lunge with a Twist

Using your core in every movement on the board is critical and this particular exercise reminds you to engage the core as you rotate to each side. This exercise also trains your body to become more efficient at coming up and down on the board.

1. Start with your feet hip distance apart, holding your paddle in both hands horizontally.

Sup Kneeling Lunge with a Twist 1


2. Reach the arms up overhead, then squat down through your heels, bringing your hands and paddle to the board.

Sup Kneeling Lunge with a Twist 2


3. Take a giant step back with the right leg and place the right knee down making two 90 degree angles with the legs.

Sup Kneeling Lunge with a Twist 3


4. Raise the paddle up over head and then out in front of you.

Sup Kneeling Lunge with a Twist 4


5. Next, twist the paddle over the left knee and pull the belly in strong as you twist, igniting your core.

Sup Kneeling Lunge with a Twist 5


6. Return back to center, place the hands down with your paddle and step back up.

Sup Kneeling Lunge with a Twist 6


7. Repeat on the other side. Do 10 reps total and feel how totally turned on your core is!

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Performed by: Jodelle Fitzwater

[author image=””>Jodelle Fitzwater “Jodelle Fitzwater is the Midwest Ambassador for BiC SUP and Certified Fitness Trainer for SUP TV. She is also a self-proclaimed mermaid because she has no fear of depth and a great fear of shallow living. Find her instructional fitness videos by visiting SUP TV on YouTube and by visiting “liking” on Get Fit With Jodelle on Facebook.” [/author]
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