Y-Squats with Resistance Band on a Standup Paddle Board

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Y-Squats with Resistance Band:

Such a great optional tool to invest in for your SUP workouts is a “resistance band or theraband”. The BiC Fit SUP as several attachments points located at the head of the board for you to hook your resistance tubing into, but any standard leash line attachment point from the back of your board will work as well.

This creates greater resistance and the greater the resistance the more calories you burn and the more strength you build! The upper back muscles and shoulders are significantly isolated here. It’s imperative to build strength in these areas if you are ever to become a more efficient paddler and a more skilled sup racer.

1. Starting with feet hip width apart and weight in your heels, as well as tubing handles in the hand.


2. Squat down and reach the arms forward and as you stand up, bring your arms out into a “Y” shape.


3. Arms stay relatively straight, as you “squeeze” shoulder blades back into the spine drawing the arms up into a y.


4. Continue for 10-15 reps and try other variations like making and “I” with arms straight up, a “T” with arms straight out, and even a “W” with arms pulled up and elbows bent at 90 degrees!


“Y” this back exercise, you ask? Because people see you padding from behind too so we want a nice cut back!

Performed by: Jodelle Fitzwater

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