15 Must See Stand up Paddle Boarding Photos: Close Encounters of the Ocean Kind

standup paddlboard whale breach
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Imagine you are out for a standup paddle session on nice calm summery day. You are drifting through the ocean current, light breeze tickling your sun-kissed skin, the taste of salt on your lips and you have not a care in the world. Nothing in life could be more perfect at this moment!

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, a huge whale breaches the surface not 50 yards in front of you, pointing its nose high into the sky and comes crashing down with jaw-dropping power! Your heart races, your knees go week, and you gaze in awe and wonder at what you have just witnessed…It’s all over faster than you ever dreamed possible.

Lucky for you we have a collection of some amazing photos of whales, manatees, and dolphins all caught on camera while people were out paddle boarding enjoying life.

[divider] I hope those are dolphins
[divider] sting ray flying under a starboard sup
[divider] manatee hugging a yolo standup board
[divider] bab whaleshark next to standup paddler
[divider] whaleshark sup
[divider] whale checking out standup paddler
[divider] whale next to sup
[divider] dolphins-kids-east-coast-paddle-surf-stand-up-paddle-board-boards
[divider] standup paddling with orcas
[divider] standup paddlboard whale breach
[divider] girl paddleboarding over a shark
[divider] dolphin jumping next to standup paddlers
[divider] Huge whale breaching the water next to standup paddlers
[divider] whale mouth popped up next to sups

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