Zane Schweitzer’s FULL 2013 Battle of the Battle Recap!

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This put me to the front of the second group in 4th. With under a mile or two to go I had to make my move. My Starboard Sprint 14′ was the perfect board for these conditions and I really just paddled as hard as I could to get ahead. The board picks up on a plane fast, and with just a bit to the beach, I was able to pass Beau O’Brian for a 3rd place overall finish!

With a 6th place finish in the Elite Race and a 3rd Place finish in the Distance Race I secured my goal of top 3 overall at the 2013 Battle of the Paddle! Congratulations to Danny Ching the Overall Champion with a 3rd in the Elite Race and 2nd In the Distance. It was really fun paddling with all these guys and can’t wait for the next race.

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