Zane Schweitzer’s FULL 2013 Battle of the Battle Recap!

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I love the Battle! Lots of people on the waves with carnage all around, getting knocked around, people in the lead getting passed by someone way behind them because they got a set wave! Anything can happen and usually does.

So this year – I was prepared for anything! In the semi heat I finished in a solid third place even with some minor equipment failure. It made my hunger even stronger! For the main event, I was pumped and ready. Within minutes of the start, I rolled my board just before getting to my feet, I fell off and had to jump back on and gain lost time. Not the way I wanted to start the race. But there are 3.5 laps in this race, and I was determined to pick off as many competitors as I could one at a time, going from some were in the top 25 all the way up to the top 6!

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