Pushing the Envelope with New Sup Foil Concept

Global Partner

I have been pushing the envelope in Kitesurfing for years. It is what I do professionally!  I recently in the past 3 years got hooked on SUP wave riding on my Imagine boards. As I started to ride foils on a kite I started to really push the concept. Our sport is changing and foils are exploding.

I came up with this idea as our family was chatting one day to mount it to my SUP.  I wanted to ride the most perfect walls of water, a very mellow wave as I new how efficient the foil is.  We took some estimates on where to mount the foil and well the pictures say it all! You are flying on top of the water a feeling I can’t describe!!  Amazing…

Been very blessed in life just enjoying every minute, never looking back!  Thanks to my wonderful Sponsors, Family and friends!
Kindly, Damo