5th annual 11-City SUP Tour

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An overview of the first two days

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sup 11 city tour 1During the prologue of the 5th annual SUP 11-City we set our first landmark. We made the record of most Suppers on the canals. The prologue had an unique feel to it due to the ‘represent your culture’ clothes the participants were wearing. This event was inspiring for all participants, but also good for the city Leeuwarden where we paddled. Because Leeuwarden is in the running for Cultural Capital of 2018. The kick-off was great, we’ve continued the enthusiasm during the first day.

sup 11 city tour2The very first to cross the finish line, in the historical town Sloten, was Peter Bartl competitor in the male solo competition. He crossed the finish line at 5 hours and 3 seconds. The first female to cross the finish line was Marie Bachanan, in 5 hours, 30 minutes and 56 seconds. The weather was cooperating pretty nicely with no rain and lots of sun, there also was a little wind which may have had an effect on the paddlers.

During the first day of racing two particular sup(p)orters stood out. A wife following her husband during the SUP 11-City by cycling the route herself. Also noteworthy a farther following his son during the race in a VW Polo. In itself not very remarkable, however, it should be mentioned that the 81 year old also sleeps in the car.

sup 11 city tour 3On Thursday we continued our journey through amazing landscapes and historic cities. Paddling from Sloten to Workum, we arrived to the SUP-Village. We’ve got an amazing crew that makes sure that the all the paddlers have to worry about is the tour. The massage area and their bags are waiting for them at the finish. Just like yesterday Peter Bartl was the first man to cross the finish line. The first female was Melanie Brandstatter, it looks like the female competition will be a very exicting one this year.

Overall the vibe is good, the weather is great and everybody is super stoked about the rest of the week. Would you like to experience this incredible sup-feeling you can still join us on Friday and during the weekend. The forecast is great so all the more reason to come and join us.
Friday: Workum – Franeker
Saturday: Franeker – Dokkum
Sunday: Dokkum – Leeuwarden
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