Speedboard USA – All About the Glide!


Speedboard USA

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Speedboard USA – All About The Glide!

Speedboard USA is a stand-up paddle (SUP) board company designing and building innovative boards for the performance paddler. Each Speedboard is specifically designed to promote paddling efficiency, enabling elite racers, avid paddlers and SUP enthusiasts to move through the water faster, with less effort.

Based in Newburyport, Massachusetts, the performance SUP brand is the brainchild of Bob Blair. The founding spark for Speedboard was lit when a lifelong passion for paddling was combined with a friendly wager to complete a renowned New England paddling competition in a unique way. In 2009, Bob built himself a board and went on to become the first person to complete the 20-mile Cape Ann Blackburn Challenge on a SUP board. Since that auspicious debut, Speedboard has developed into a premium SUP brand, delivering performance-oriented boards to competitive and casual paddlers alike.

“It is all about the glide,” states Bob, “We started Speedboard because we were looking to design and build boards that excel for the performance paddler. When speed is the issue the question is how to we achieve that? Our firm belief is that it starts with design and carries through to a quality product (made in the USA) that allows for maximum efficiency. Our boards keep gliding even when you stop paddling. You can push them past a barrier that tends to stop other boards. It is all about the glide!”

Speedboard USA delivers a quality product by sticking to its roots. There is a very strong design and boat building heritage in New England, and Speedboard has tapped into those skills close to home in order build the fastest boards possible. Doug Zurn Yacht Design has developed most of the current fleet of Speedboards and they reflect his talent for creating very efficient watercraft.

The 2013 Speedboard line up includes a 12’6, multiple 14’ s, and the R55 e – the 18’ unlimited marathon machine. All of them suite elite racers and any paddler who is seeking the best possible performance.  Following on the success of the 2012 race season, a very talented group of athletes have joined Team Speedboard. They will compete across the United States and assist with product development.

Bob Blair says, “The goal is simple. Speedboard USA provides the fastest boards available. They are designed to win and allow fitness paddlers to excel on the water. No matter what their goals are.”



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