Tatiana Howard’s 7th Annual Butterfly Effect Maui

butterfly effect

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2013 Butterfly Effect Maui from Tatiana Howard on Vimeo.

The energized Tatiana Howard’s 7th Annual Butterfly Effect Maui drew over 300 women last weekend!!

The purpose of these events is to bring together woman of different ages and abilities to help support and encourage one another while enjoying life to the fullest.

Activities include standup paddling, beach cleanups, fundraising, clothing donations, and free clinics. They also do an intro to yoga and stretching before going into the water for a paddle or downwinder.

Tatiana affectionately names the participants “butterflies” and characterizes them as women who love adventure, challenge and asserting their femininity during the sport.

She started this event in 2007 and has already stacked up 24 events in 10 countries with many more to come.

For more information, photos, and news on this amazing event and Tatiana Howard then visit: http://betheeffect.com

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