An Insiders Look at the U.K. Sup Scene


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Hi from the UK, Joyce, Clay and Team Standup Journal and all you Journal Fans… just wanted you to see my paddling buddy, Mark pointing to the on my car!

We’ve had some decent surf in the UK over the last 2 months… my partner Julie & I had a week’s break in late October up on the northeast coast near The Borders, (NE UK) … got surf every day and all the beaches were real quiet.
SBay Scarborough

Then my local beach (Spot F), which is actually in Bridlington Bay had a good couple days here earlier October… a rare beast as it needs massive N swell to get around Flamborough Head to work.

And this month-November I’ve scored a few glassy days at Scarborough, off The Spa (S Bay Scarborough)…which is getting to be one of our fave spot for SUP seshes.

Bridlington Bay
Hope you had a good Thanksgiving Holiday. (wish we celebrated that one too!)

Cheers for now,
Nick Paden, your UK sup connection