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With a full moon, tide and swell all rising at once, Doheny has once again become the focus of the sup world.
The beach has not changed – what has changed is the maneuverability of the modern race board in breaking surf.
That will be key to even making it through the morning heats and then onto to the finals in the afternoon when the tide fully drops out and things get serious.
– -dubock

WHAT world-reknowned surf photographer can possibly resist a “NO TRESPASSING” sign???

Alas, Glenn and John ‘I’m still learning to shoot level horizons with my cell cam’ Dubock, AKA “The DuBros,” are on the scene at Doheney, up early looking for the best angles to capture the weekend’s action!

With a building swell hitting the area Glenn predict: “there will be carnage.”

The Line Up…
Do you measure up ?
Bop racers getting measured in the morning

Chuck Patterson Checks it
Bop sunrise day one and things are looking good!

Teammates, Chuck Patterson and Kody Kerbox share a laugh on warm-up Friday before the BoP goes full bore on Saturday AM.

Chuck will have to sit this one out due to a recent injury….but you can bet he will keep Kody and the crew fired up!

Danny Ching shows his usual textbook form popping a wheelie over the soup.

That soup will be thick with competitors when BoP 2012 starts to boil at 9am on Saturday.

Twas the night before BoP…..
…and the Infinity guys were rocking the house !!!

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