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Slingshot Sup Co’s Greg Kish files this eyewitness view from last weekend’s RAGING SEAS during the Naish Gorge Challenge downwinder:

“The Sunday Gorge Paddle Challenge was insane ā€“ something like 250 paddlers and it was blowing a solid 30-35mph with pretty big swell.

My wife and I were kiteboarding off Wells Island (lit on a 6m) and saw the entire race come thru ā€“ about a 2+ hour gap between the leader and the final paddler.

I guarantee you that some of those paddlers had some stories to tell after that experience.

The Mighty Columbia was going off and I know for a fact that some of those paddlers had no idea what they were getting into ā€“ Iā€™m sure they were literally blown away… but luckily you just end up at the beach down wind.

It was cool to see that many people participating.