A board built for the primal hunter and gatherer

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And NOW from our “Yes, Martha, that IS a bird dog on a camouflaged sup board” Dept.! Our western Virginia maxed out sup progresser buddy Luke Hopkins reports:

I manufactured a sup board for fishing and waterfowl hunting … that’s right a board built for the primal hunter and gatherer in all of us… the board is the Stride Airlite BC – “BC” for “blast and cast”… I know that sounds a little country but I have some friends that have been buying them for fishing and hunting and outfitters have been stoked on them as well, so I just thought you might want to see what this is like first hand: to duck hunt from a paddleboard; check out:

This video has a go pro shot at the end with the camera mounted to the gun barrel. Every duck hunter that has used this paddleboard for this purpose has been super stoked… the board has attachment points for a waterproof gun and some other things.

If you are the slightest bit intrigued then you should look at this slideshow: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ridestride/sets/72157625237154171/show/ The

The guy in these images is Shawn Hash and he is a hell of a personality. Pretty cool stuff! -Luke

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