Skateboarding Comes to Sup with The Rail Jam!

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by Alex Mauer

Earlier that day I was at a sup meet up at a lake close to my house. Mark(a KM Rep), John (a pro climber), and I (Rogue rep and rider) were talking about grinding rails on our sups. An idea that was keeping me up at night. I found out that John had also thought about doing this. It was clear to me that unless we did this I wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about it.

Fifty bucks and a short car ride later we arrived at the river spot we all decided to go to. I thought it would be best to drop the rail in the water behind a rapid. That way we would have enough speed to finish the whole rail. I wasted no time, as I was positioning the rail behind the rapid the current swept it away. I thought it would float but it quickly sank to the bottom.

We looked everywhere for the rail. It was nowhere to be found. I didn’t get how we could lose such a big rail in water that was no deeper than 10ft at the deepest point. With the sun going down and team moral at a low Mark gave it a few last free dives. To my amazement he came up with the rail!

We still had a little over an hour before the sun would go down so we decided to place the rail in the shallows and use some man power to get the speed we needed. After the a few attempts and some funny falls and some epic slides we accomplished what we had worked all day for! Sup Rail Sessions!

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