New F-One Sup Catologue for 2012

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The stand-up paddle is a board and a paddle that offer infinite possibilities for recreational use, competition, flat water, waves, ocean or river. We design our shapes with the goal to match this sports diversity. Supported by a team of experienced watermen, Ludovic Dulou, Rémi Quique and Patrice Chanzy, we shape our Boards so that they are a perfect fit for your needs.

The first time I tested a Stand Up Paddle, it was a huge surprise, I did not think It could be that fun ; and its accessibility for all won me over. Immediately convinced, we wanted to be a part of it with the same rigor and the same requirements we are known for in the kiteboarding world. Today we are proud to introduce a complete F-ONE SUP range.
This first line of boards and paddles is the result of research and development that started more than three years ago. We wanted to develop a technical range, geared toward performance but also accessible, using all our expertise and experience. So that you could share our passion..

The paddle is an extension of your body, it must transmit all your power. Well suited, it will increase pleasure and performance. Choosing your paddle is essential.
It must match your practice and your style. Stiffness, flex, surface, shape of the blade and choice of materials are the parameters that we have optimized to offer comfort and performance. Peak & Battle, the two lines of paddles that we have developed brings a total of 7 different models, for the most demanding practitioners and also for those discovering the discipline, in order to find their ideal extension.
To develop this range, we have worked with an exceptional rower: Ludovic Dulou, outstanding tester, who knows better than anyone that the difference is always in small details.

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