Faceplant Clothes for Stand Up Paddling

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I’m the founder and CEO of Face Plant Clothes.www.FacePlantClothes.com

I started our brand of casual wear for families who love action sports but didn’t love the more aggressive and dark nature of the clothes that were born from the action sports culture. All the designs are original artwork I develop combined with the feed back from our family consultants (kids/teens and their parents ) who tell us what they want to wear, sayings they think are cool and colors they crave.

Face Plant Clothes is a casual wear and accessories brand for those who shred, sweep and ride with attitude but still have respect for nature and those around them. It’s all about being active, confident, committed and determined to do things in a good way. Face Plant is a brand that focuses on families getting fit together and learning positive character building skills along the way. Action sport kids are REAL athletes with amazing skills, attitude and awareness – wearing the Face Plant brand allows kids to brag about their sport but also tells people about what kind of kid they are.

Dawn Detelich, Founder & CEO
Face Palnt Clothes