The “Sup/Stand up Paddle Seal of Approval”

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The “Sup Seal of Approval”
By Chris Gutzeit of

So we’ve all seen the old dog on the board trick at least 100 times, but what happens when it’s a wild animal that’s unpredictable, who just wants to play and decides that he’s coming along for the ride?
Stand Up Paddling  has come along way from taking the kids , and the dogs out for a paddle. Now it seems as if the seals are getting tired of seeing everyone else having fun!
They too are jumping in on the band wagon.
It was just another beautiful Santa Barbara afternoon when my buddy Dan and I had a Carbonerro paddle demo around the harbor with a few new and very interested, future paddleboarders.
Here Monique Ruiz, gets more than she bargained for as she does her best to stay calm and to stay dry with her new found friend. This fearless little guy managed to jump up onto three different boards that day and tipped over two out of the three encounters. The expressions on their faces were priceless as they fell into the water like those taken from a scene in the movie “Jaws.” I think we all wish we could have had this kind of experience with Mother Nature on our first time out on a paddleboard. It just goes to show you that anything is possible!    -Chris

Photo by: Dan McCarter

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