Connor Wins in Australia!!! at “The Doctor”

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Connor Wins in   Australia!!!

On my way to Australia for   the notorious “The Doctor” event in Perth, I stopped off in Thailand.   Traveling with Zane Schweitzer and Bart de Zwart – we went to Starboard   Internationals Headquarters to test, shape and design some new wave boards.   After 5 great days in Thailand – Bart and I headed to   Australia.

Ian Grose, the Starboard distributor in Australia,   picked us up at Perth Airport – and we went to his shop, picked up our 14’   Starboard Ace boards and went out for a paddle.

The event is   called “The Doctor” – named after the wind that normally occurs in the summer   months in Western Australia.  It is a 27km (18 mile) long distance race   from Rottnest Island to Sorrento Beach on   the Perth Coast. It is the most prestigious and longest ocean race held in WA   on the Australian Ocean Racing circuit.






Unfortunately,   the weather wasn’t what the doctor   ordered the day of the race. Normally a downwind race – this day was a   crosswind.

The day started off with a 45-minute boat ride   out to Rottnest Island. Once we got there, I prepared my 14’ Ace, putting in   my new Rista Race Fin. Once my board was ready, I took it for a test run and   then went to the beach to get ready for the start of the race.

It was light wind from the side, which made the race hot and   grueling. Temperatures ranged between 35-40°C   (95-104°F). And with the crosswinds,   I probably paddled on my right side only 20 times, which made my left side   super sore. It was one of the hardest races I have done in   awhile.

Right when the race started, I open it up like always and   pulled a little gap on the rest of the competitors. I got into the zone, put   my head down and started to grind hard. For most of the race I was in front,   but then a guy named Sam Parker from Australia caught up to me and we battled   it out until 20 minutes from the finish. I knew I had to make a move;   otherwise we would have to battle it up the beach. So I put my head down and   pulled a gap on Sam and just tried to maintain my lead. I stayed in front   until the end and ran up the beach in first place – finishing in 2 hours 46   minutes and 51 sec.

After a lot of water and rest, I went to the   awards. They had the winners dress up in a Doctors Jacket – and the Trophy had   a Stethoscope on it. It was good fun!

A big Mahalo to all the   event organizers and volunteers at “The Doctor”. Great Event – and Really well   organized!!!

Look forward to doing it again next year and   experiencing The Real Doctor Winds!!!
I want to thank my sponsors   for all their support – Starboard, Maui Jim Sunglasses, Rainbow Sandals, Rista   Fins, EFX Technology, Dakine, GoPro Cameras, On It Pro, Waterman’s Sunscreen,   Sunrite Maui, and Hi-Tech Sports.

Off now to go to Oahu and   compete in the Sunset Pro – Stand Up World Tour event.

Aloha   –
Connor Baxter

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