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Sup Surfing for Beginners – a video tutorial from Paddle Barbados

Jason Cole of Paddle Barbados has a knack for reading the mind of a beginner sup surfer and telling him/her what to do at...

Pau Hana Pro Tip: How To Properly Install Your SUP Fin

Todd from Pau Hana Surf Supply teaches us how to install a fin on a standup paddleboard. There are only 3 pieces to install your...

How to Catch a Wave On Your Standup Paddleboard

Sean Poynter takes us step by step through the finer points of learning to catch a wave on your sup including how to spot...

How To Analayze A Surf Break With Sean Poynter

Before you head out standup paddling it is important to know what type of break you will be heading into as well as where...

Sean Poynter: How To Choose The Right Sup Surf Break

There are a few things you want need to think about when choosing the correct sup surf break for you. 1. Surf Shape Sean suggests slow...

How To Do a Backside Helicopter on a Standup Paddleboard

Cobian team ambassador, sup racer, surfer, foilboarder and all around waterman Chuck Glynn teaches us step-by-step how to do a Backside Helicopter on a...