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Representing SUP Surf in a Positive Light Gains Respect in Hawaii

We've known SUP soul surfer, Frank Forbes a long time. From his time in Montauk through building & shaping his SUPSonic boards, to marrying...

How to STAND OUT while blending in with RESPECT at your...

Ian Cairns is a legend.  Sorry, I don't know how else to say that. So, when I asked for his help in gathering some sup...

Catch 5 Times The Waves With This Simple Sup Stroke Adjustment

In my humble opinion, one of the most fun things you can do on a sup is catch a wave! Once you catch the surfing...

Pro Tips | Kai Lenny Teaches Us How To Top Turn

Step 1: The most important thing about a good top turn is a great bottom turn. Remember this, you want to feel the compression on...

How to Catch a Wave On Your Standup Paddleboard

Sean Poynter takes us step by step through the finer points of learning to catch a wave on your sup including how to spot...

How To Analayze A Surf Break With Sean Poynter

Before you head out standup paddling it is important to know what type of break you will be heading into as well as where...

Sean Poynter: How To Choose The Right Sup Surf Break

There are a few things you want need to think about when choosing the correct sup surf break for you. 1. Surf Shape Sean suggests slow...

How To Do a Backside Helicopter on a Standup Paddleboard

Cobian team ambassador, sup racer, surfer, foilboarder and all around waterman Chuck Glynn teaches us step-by-step how to do a Backside Helicopter on a...

Ultimate How To With Cobian Footwear Team Rider Zane Schweitzer

WOW! This is a game-changer! Cobian Footwear has enlisted the help of its PRO SUP team to create what we believe is the ULTIMATE...

How To Hold Your Standup Paddle For Speed

QuickBlade QuickTips with Jimmy Terrell: Find out optimal hand placement on a paddle and how to change gears by moving your lower hand on...

How to Stand Up Paddle Through breaking waves

In this video ACA SUP Instructor Trainer Jimmy Blakeney gives detailed instruction for getting back out through breaking waves while surfing

How to do a Proper Bottom Turn a Stand Up Paddleboard

In this video ACA SUP Instructor Trainer Jimmy Blakeney breaks down one of the most fundamental turns in surfing - the bottom turn.

Learn ‘How To’ catch a wave, turn, surf and more with...

Learn 'How To' catch a wave, turn, surf and more with Starboard International Team Riders, Iballa Moreno and Anne-Marie Reichman. Produced by: Scotty McKercher