Friday, August 12, 2022
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How To Lock Your Sup To a Tailgate and Prevent Theft

As standup paddling grows in popularity, so does the instances of theft! You wouldn't leave $1500 in cash sitting on top of your car...

How to Properly Protect Your Standup Paddleboards From Theft

Robert Stehlik from Blue Planet Surf in Hawaii shows us why he uses Kanulock to secure his boards and also gives tips on how...

How To Lock Your Standup Paddleboard To The Roof Rack

One of the biggest concerns anyone can have while transporting your sup is theft. Unfortunately, it happens quite a bit these days as standup...

Dont be a victim, lock your boards down with Kanulocks!

As paddle sports continue to grow, so do the instances of theft of SUPs. The number one place gear gets stolen is directly...