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Pop Stansel Park, Palm Harbor, Florida

After launching head west to Gulf of Mexico and experience its clear waters, or you can head immediately north for a short paddle in...

Redondo Beach marina

Dock behind Polly's on the pier opens out to King Harbor in Redondo Beach

Marsh Creek State Park

MCSP is a 1,700 acre park with trails for running, biking and horseback riding. Tons of space for family get together. And a...

Rogers Park , Weeki Wachee River, Springhill, Florida

The paddling run between Rogers Park is popular during the weekend. Wildlife include manatees, turtles, otter, alligators, and a variety of birds and...

Union Reservoir Nature Area

Nice lake, 700+ acres, no motorized boats. Great for SUP , kayaking, windsurfing and sailing. Onsite SUP rentals and lessons through Rocky Mountain Paddleboard....
Spot on the Dock

Spot On The Dock

Spot On The Dock is a great place to enjoy a bite to eat after a paddle.