Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Winter 2018

“The sense of adventure is real.” –Fiona Wylde

From the Lowcountry Paddling Spirit of Charleston SC to Alexis Deniel scoring untouched waves off of Siargao in the South China Sea plus Fiona Wylde’s solo surf adventure trip to Indo and Dylan Brown’s iconic delivery of the Desert River Run through the Rio Grande, the Winter Travel issue is dripping with incredible images of waves, water and the people who love them across the globe. It is a spectacular exploration of stand up paddling’s sense of adventure and the myriad of ways a traveler can make an experience warm & intimate by hunting up the untrodden paths, winding waterways and hidden waves to bring a vacation to un-before-imagined heights of goodness, soul food and flights of spirit. Get ready to purchase plane tickets. The Winter Travel issue of SJ just took on a new level of motivation. Aloha!