Stephan Kleinlein


    I was born in Hagen Germany in 1965. Always interested in extreme sports like Surfing, Windsurfing, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Mountain Biking and the list goes on. Never been a real german soccer fan, which would be more typical for a boy from my area. I realised pretty early that one day I have to move on, out of my home town, to follow my dream, to live at places where I can live my life surrounded by people with similar interests.

    In the 80’s and 90’s the voyage began, surf trips through Europe and the USA, extended stays on Maui for Windsurfing were just the beginning (photo slides era).

    1993 after saving some money I decided to leave everything behind for a while, for my big trip around the globe. Many countries and continents were on my list and the end was open.

    20+ years later I am still on this quest, but in the mean time I made Byron Bay in Australia and Carlsbad in California my home towns and base camps for all future adventures.

    Snowboard-, Kitesurf- and Skydive-Instructor, Adventure Tour Operator, are reflections for my outdoor sports passion. Especially the elements water and air seemed to be my main playground, which guided me further into artistic photography, which became a big part of my life.

    31 years skydiving with over 16000 jumps on the belt, thats where my photography career really started, as an aerial photographer at 14000 feet high up in the sky, to capture the moments on photo and video in the Big Open Blue.
    This is where I learned more and more about the often specialist camera equipment and photographic techniques involved.

    Also my love to be in the ocean, in, under or around waves made me become more and more an Ocean Photographer over the years. Photography work from Clark Little and Russel Ord inspired me to follow my passion for waves, water and the beauty in photography.

    These days Hawaii in February, Mauritius in June & July or Bahamas, filming white sharks on Guadeloupe Island Mexico became my regular photography playgrounds every year. Shooting for Surf-, Kitesurf & Stand Up Paddle Board companies and magazines & also for my own photography artwork.

    The Ocean, the Sky and the Colour Blue, this is for me the place where I feel home and where I like to be…. OceanBlueSky.

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