Barry Anderson


    Barry grew up in Cocoa Beach, Florida where he began surfing in 1964.  His career (Barry retired in 2004) took him all around the world but between landlocked assignments he managed to stay close to the ocean and keep his toes in the water as often as possible.  In 1997 he moved to Santa Barbara, California where he mostly surfed Hendry’s Beach, Campus Point and East Beach.  In 2006, Barry was an early adapter of SUP starting off with a 10’ soft-top, graduating to a 12’ Starboard.  In 2008 Barry moved 90 miles north to Pismo Beach where he has perfected the sport of stand up paddle surfing.  A small surfing town tucked in just below Cal Poly and half between Los Angeles and San Francisco.  

    When in California, Barry and “The Wall Gang” meet at the Addie Street parking lot every morning.  Although many of the gang come down to talk and exchange stories, not Barry.  He is usually in the water every day by 7:00 AM.  Most days there is enough swell in “The Schmo” to ensure a fun session.  During winter, the size and intensity can increase significantly and summers and be somewhat flat and foggy.

    His quiver has expanded to seven SUP boards (including 2 inflatables) & six surfboards.  His current board of choice is between his 8’5” Starboard Pocket Rocket and his 8’10” Starboard Widepoint depending on conditions.

    Barry now splits his time between his hometown on the Space Coast in Florida and Pismo Beach on the Central Coast of California.  

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