Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Winter 2020–21

In a solid upwelling of talent, Standup Journal is proud to bring your Winter 2020-21 issue of the print magazine including articles from Casper Steinfath, Annabel Anderson, Norm Hann, Gina Bradley, Benoit Carpentier and Steve West. Get ready, ‘cuz this is one great ride.

We start things off with World Champion stand up paddle racer Annabel Anderson divulging secrets to longevity and success in “The Benefits of Being a Multi-Trick Pony”. Then, we dive right into Danish SUP Viking and champion athlete Casper Steinfath reflecting on the positive side of the COVID-19 lockdown to help him mentally reset and dive into some new projects that have been long overdue. You will enjoy an exploration into the rising phenomenon of wave pools  by Associate Publisher Russ Scully in “A New Wave Pool Hits the Beach” as well as appreciating Benoit Carpentier score the best winter of his life on lockdown in Indonesia (the photos in that one will leave your frothing for your own Bali dream adventure). Gina Bradley of Paddle Diva fame finds succor and inspiration utilizing the water as her muse in a great reflection on, “Water, Creativity & Connection”.  And we wrap up with Journal writer Steve West’s hilarious look at the path to enlightenment as a SUP Surfer in “Nine Cubes to Enlightenment.”

Dive into our “Gift Guide for Under $200” to get you thinking about the water lovers in your life and our Spotlight section for inspiration by people who are using their passion for water and powers for the good of others on the planet. We continue to bring you the world’s most renowned water photographers, storytellers, rising tides and gathering groundswells to keep you connected to the source of our life, the water.  Send us your Letters to the Editor to give feedback on how we are doing at editor@standupjournal.com  We’d love to hear from you.  Mahalo for all you do & let’s keep riding this wave together!