Paul Zacharias


    I grew up surfing and diving in the South China Sea, waterskiing and wake boarding in Lake Tahoe, and running with lava rocks under the crystal blue waters of Hawaii.

    I am a Stand Up Paddle board racer, SUP Surfer, Certified Paddle Fit Coach, an ASI & WPA SUP Instructor, Lifeguard and pretty much an all-around small kine Waterman. My love for the Ocean and all things water is something that has helped me through so many tough spots over the years, as well as helping me to achieve some of my life’s goals. The Ocean and all things water continue to challenge me and to teach me things daily.

    I discovered my love and passion for the water at an early age, when my family moved to the Philippine Islands and I began to swim on the local swim team, play water polo and became a certified PADI open water diver at the age of 12. Naturally, living on an island led to surfing. Throughout my youth and into my high school years I would spend countless hours in the water.
    After high school graduation I moved to southern California and continued to surf and swim. I eventually attended Long Beach City College where I swam and played water polo. While in Long Beach, CA I became a Lifeguard and a Water Safety Instructor and taught swimming. I soon left Southern California though and moved to Lake Tahoe a beautiful mountain community in the Sierras.
    It was there that I discovered snow skiing, water skiing and wake boarding. After becoming a Professional Ski Instructor and teaching for many years the call of the ocean was too much to avoid and I moved to the Big Island of Hawaii.
    Once in Hawaii I rekindled my love for the ocean by surfing and swimming, competing in the many open ocean swims that take place almost every weekend.
    I left the Big Island of Hawaii and found myself living in San Diego, California another beautiful ocean and beach community where I continued to swim and surf, and began to Stand Up Paddle fulfilling my love for the ocean and all things water.
    I now live, train and work in Hawaii as a Lifeguard, WSI Swim Instructor and SUP Instructor. If I’m not SUP racing, I’m SUP surfing. I love to paddle and to live with Aloha!

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