Manny Vargas


    Born and bred in San Diego. I grew up in the small town of Imperial Beach, California. Our claim to fame is “the most southwesterly city on the continental United States.” Didn’t mean much until I started riding the empty waves of Baja. Then, I was very proud of that claim.

    I spent the majority of my life on a bodyboard. Spent the late 80’s and all of the 90’s traveling the world as a professional bodyboarder. Crazy, right? Very fortunate to have meet incredible people along the way and yes… ride the best waves in the world. Coming home was tough. San Diego really only gets good for bodyboarding about 25% of the time of the year. I needed something to motivate and keep me in the water. Enter SUP.

    Looking for motivation to stay in the water, I got into SUP by going flat water with my then wife. I was such a pussy as I complained about how my arches hurt after paddling for just a few minutes. A close friend of mine, Nelz Vellocido, told me the pain would pass. I kept with it and sure enough… three weeks later, I was all good.

    Now, with my tour company,, I’m able to SUP Surf the empty waves of Baja and enjoy the fun waves of San Diego. Last and definitely not least… I’ve met amazing people in the SUP world. Gracias.

    PS: I’d like to thank Standup Journal for using a few of my images of Sean Poynter a few years ago. Really enjoyed shooting Sean. Skilled and simply rips.

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