J.M. Kostallas


    Growing up in Pompano Beach FL where the weather was always warm and the beach was right down the block from my house. I learn a lot about being a waterman at a young age. I later moved to Long Island NY where perused surfing as much as I could, but it was hard because I didn’t live down the block from the beach anymore. It wasn’t really until college, that is when I got my first SUP and that was around the time it was becoming well known as a great fitness workout. Going to college on the west coast of FL where it was mostly flat and there were no waves, when there were waves it was windy so I took up Kite surfing and when it wasn’t windy I would SUP, I was always looking for adventures! From downwinders to just cruising the mangroves or heading to the east coast to surf or sup surf. By the time I graduated we were in the biggest session the country had seen. So I took it upon myself to start my own stand up paddle boarding business back on long island and called it Kostal Paddle where I have spent the last 5 years teaching lessons, supplying rentals, and giving tours of the beautiful Manhasset bay of Port Washington NY. Since it is only 3 months out of the year I tend to travel and surf, sup, kite and race while following the sun! My passion has been the water and watersports along with the environment they kind of go hand and hand. Once you find love for the ocean you just can’t stop.

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