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Founded in June, 2007, Standup Journal  is the world’s first-ever standup mag, hitting newsstands March 21st, 2008

Clay, Joyce, Kira, Anna and Adam, portsmouth
Clay with sup’ing daughters/advisory board members Anna and Kira, and co-publisher/paddling partner/wife & soulmate Joyce Bilodeau with her son/our graphic artist-marketing director Adam Champagne.

“Passionately following and writing about this special lifestyle, the culture, and the adventure and lifelong friendships we share.”

Clay Feeter, a West Coast surfer since the late 60s and a windsurfer since 1980, was the associate editor of Wind Surf magazine in California in the early 1980s under editor John Severson, founder of Surfer magazine and later under editor Drew Kampion, a noted surf journalist. Feeter also founded and ran the $100,000 DHL Cocos Windsurfing Cup on Guam, the highest purse one design windsurf regatta in history. In 1984, while still with Wind Surf mag Feeter was the first in the world to race on a cambered sail.

The Gang
A wild bunch exploring an untamed zip code during the Russell’s Ranch, Cape Mendocino, Northen Calif. sojourn for Drew Kampion and Wind Surf mag, 1985, the year Wind Tracks was born. Maui’s Mike Waltze, Berkeley’s Kevin Mitchell, photographer Chris “The Codger” Klopf, Shaun O’Neill (wetsuit mogul Jack O’Neill’s daughter, lying down). Farther right is Dave Nash, Steve West and Clay Feeter.

Clay left Wind Surf in 1985 to start his own magazine, California Boardsailor, which became Wind Tracks Journal, the most spirited, soulful North American windsurfing publication. He sold Wind Tracks to American Windsurfer in 2000 and now is back with Standup Journal, a new era, photo-heavy action and lifestyle sup magazine that also embraces our glorious heritage, pioneering and exploration days.

The Team: A Legacy of ‘Round the Campfire, Standup Journalism…

The Windtracks Team
Fringed by semi innocent bystanders, buddies Will Brady, owner of Oregon’s Floras Lake House windsurfing bed and breakfast (sitting on left) and Kevin Trejo (standing far right), owner of Solo Sports Adventures, Baja are core Standup Journalistas (standing) Tom Byrnes, Glenn Dubock, Clark Merritt, Steve West and (sitting) Clay and Kurt Feeter.

Clay Feeter Publisher Standup JournalClay Feeter, Publisher  York, Maine
Clay Feeter started “Wind Tracks” magazine in late ’84 in Santa Cruz, moved his family, 1989 (two days after the Oct. Loma Prieta Earthquake) to the soon to be windsurf Mecca of Pistol River, Ore., and evolved his mag to “West Coast Windsurfing”…
… and then,’93, to “Wind Tracks Magazine” as the publication went national.
Oct. ’98: Feeter’s “Wind Tracks Journal” was now a quarterly inspired by Steve Pezman’s “Surfer’s Journal”…
….With the decline of windsurfing popularity, Clay sold the mag in Dec. ’99 and took a job as sales director for a great medium sized audiobook company, moving his family to New Hampshire for the job.
In early June, 2007, Feeter announced to his old windsurf industry associates he was coming back with what would be a quality windsurf photo publication that also covered the new sport of sup.
… Initially it was called “Standup surf & sail Journal,” a quarterly, high quality, perfect-bound, photo-driven journal on the stands each March, June, Sept. and Dec.
But the focus quickly went from covering “naturally-powered standup watersports” to just standup paddling… and the mag title was changed to just “Standup Journal.”

joyce bilodeauJoyce Bilodeau, Co-Publisher –York, Maine
Joyce Bilodeau is Standup Journal’s Co-Publisher, Orchestrator, Business Manager, and Clay’s wife, soul mate, and paddling partner. Joyce’s life history is defined by an array of outdoor activities including camping, hiking, running (including two marathons and the race up Mt. Washington), biking, kayaking, skiing and snowshoeing. Growing up on the water, both lakes and ocean, Ms. B. has always been secretly searching for her inner Gigit, wanting to surf since she was about eight years old. When she and Clay met, it was East meets West: the perfect fit. Together, along with more water time, Standup Journal also grew. While he was creating the Journal, she was a full-time nurse at Concord Hospital working in the operating room. As the Journal grew, “Bilodeau” eventually went from full-time to a part-time position at Concord Ambulatory Surgery Center, and finally working just one day a week as a nurse and full time as co-publisher of Standup Journal. Joyce says, “I love being a nurse and helping people, and am fortunate to be able to have two jobs I love.”

Glenn Dubock, Assoc. Publisher/Photo Editor – Santa Barbara, CA
His voicemail message at Santa Barbara’s Cottage Hospital says Dubock is the media services coordinator, but that’s just his day job. He is one of the preeminent watersports photographers on the scene today. Growing up in the West Coast surf culture and getting in on the ground floor of the windsurf and kitesurfing boom days, Dubock’s impactful coverage began even before he extensively photographed the ’84 Olympic Games. Glenn’s images depict a deep knowledge of the sport. In 1985 he shot the first cover for California Boardsailor, our mag that would eventually become Wind Tracks. “Dub” is about to celebrate his 30th wedding anniversary with Kathy.

Adam ChampagneAdam Champagne, Graphic Design/Marketing Director – Somerset, N.J.
Meet our graphic artist, webmaster and marketing director Adam Champagne.  Check out his work at adamchampagne.com  Adam is a New Hampshire native who went off to study graphic design in New Jersey and still lives there today. While attending college he ran the Jose Tejas Mexican restaurant, becoming a proud poppa to son Nicholas along the way, “The happiest single event in my life.” Adam picked up sup on his many trips to New England, quickly learning on the lakes, and advancing to wave riding. His other interests are playing his guitar, travel, hiking, and basically “anything outdoors.”

Steve Sjuggerud, Co-Founder/Staff Writer – Northeast Florida
Clay called his friend Steve in 2007 and said, “I’m thinking about starting another windsurfing mag… are you in?”  Steve had traveled the world surfing and windsurfing, and he’d written a couple cover stories for Wind Tracks. Steve said, “Uh, sure I’m in… but I’m spending 90% of my time standup paddle surfing these days.”  Clay had been lake sup’ing on his old windsurf board, then next visit to Steve’s house in Florida he was hooked on wave sup, AND most importantly on Sjugg’s advice to focus on sup with Standup Journal. Steve delivered major feature stories on Jamie Mitchell, Chuck Patterson, and Laird Hamilton early on, and though he has backed off from the day-to-day stuff at the Journal to get more time in the surf (and continue growing his booming financial investment advisory co) he still contributes stories and is a key part of the team.

Clark MerittClark Merritt, Advisory Board Member – Punta San Carlos, Baja, Mexico
Surfing and windsurfing are safe havens for characters. We guess that’s why Clark Merritt, AKA, “WildHare,” loves not only those tribal lifestyles but the characters that make them interesting and through his eyes, sometimes bizarre. For years, Clark graced the pages of California Boardsailor and Wind Tracks with Hunter S. Thompson-like short stories and features that amazingly enough were based on his real life Malibu and Huntington Beach windsurf buds; untamable windsurfing miscreants such as Rich Myers and Bob Bourget. Merritt has been toe-tagged as a writer of fictionalized non-fiction and a photographer with a glass eye, he’ll be the first to remind you that a 600mm lens is still mightier than the pen. Merritt has more recently taken refuge in what he calls Nunca Nunca Land and we still know as Punta San Carlos, Baja where he hosts the Standup Journal Club House and press room. Something you don’t know about Clark: Growing up as a zit-faced teenager in Washington, DC his rock and roll band was paid to play for Hubert Humphrey’s election night festivities. Clark showed up–late!–still dripping wet from the afternoon surf sesh!

Kurt FeeterKurt Feeter, Advisory Board Member – Rio Vista, California
The original Feeter family windsurfer Kurt first grabbed a boom the summer of ’79 when he and twin bro Clay left their San Francisco area homes to work construction at Park City, Utah. Kurt moved to the breezy Sacramento River Delta town of Rio Vista in ’85 and was a valuable sounding board as Wind Tracks mag grew throughout the ’80′s and ’90′s. Kurt’s always there to remind us the importance of sticking to our water roots, and if full of one liners to keep us on track, like: “the older we get the better we were.” His day job (until it’s time to go paddling) is running Feeter Construction Co. It may be safely said he’s remodeled a quarter of the homes in Rio Vista.

Steve WestSteve West, Advisory Board Member – Santa Cruz, California
Waddell Creek pioneer and still at it on a daily basis since 1981, Steve West has spent more time in and on saltwater than some of the great whites that frequent his favorite break. While other kids were playin army, Steve rode waves on a surf mat. In the early 1970’s his teenage prowess on a homemade kneeboard earned him fame at Steamer Lane. Hundreds of surfboards, then stock Windsurfers and Rocket 99’s followed. Though his 30 knot hair has thinned a bit, his bottom turn is still enviable. With his keen eye for detail and the memory of an elephant, we’re stoked his words will be gracing our pages again. S. West was the longest running columnist among all the writers who worked for the good old Wind Tracks mag. West’s Andy Rooneyish banterings yielded a near cult following of his “West Side” stories for 15 years. And best of all his tales come so naturally because they really happened! By day S. West is a “drywall engineer,” so he tends to have a lot of white drywall mud on his face, hair and clothes. As he ditches work to paddle out at his favorite cover along the Opal Cliffs, West is too often asked about all the white splotches on his clothes. He convincingly replies, “I’m a pigeon trainer.”

Tom ByresTom Byrnes, Advisory Board Member – Portland & The Gorge, Oregon
After climbing onto a stock Windsurfer on a placid French lake 25 years ago TB remains demonically possessed by the sport. He lives in Portland and sails the Gorge more days than should be acceptable by anyone with a spouse or a mortgage (Note: wife Lee is also a driven windsurfer when she’s not at her desk as managing editor of Tin House, one of the top US literary magazines). A longtime regular contributor to Wind Tracks, Tom’s work has also appeared in a number of other, lesser publications such as Outside, The L.A. Times Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, and Tin House. Ever the trendsetter, he has already bought a burial plot at Punta San Carlos.

Tom CraigTom Craig, Advisory Board Member – Cayucos, California
Tom Craig, of California’s Central Coast, has spent more time in the ocean than most weather buoys. His credentials are impeccable, befitting the reputations of three generations of Craig watermen. Tom and his wife Laurie raised three children; Chelsea, Courtney and Cody in Cayucos. While the whole family enjoyed surfing, it was the stylish maneuvers of Tom’s father, San O Doug, then Tom, and eventually Tom’s son Cody that put the Craig name in surf history. As co-founder of Surfing Heritage, a Save the Log Foundation and Museum, Tom shares his incredible stories, an irrepressible stoke, and a wild collection of surf artifacts. Living an enviable beach boy lifestyle, Tom lights the way, seamlessly cross stepping into standup with classic, inimitable grace.

Rob DriscollRob Driscoll, Advisory Board Member – Seal Beach, California
Rob Driscoll was born and raised in crop fields of Normal, Illinois. His life has been anything but normal ever since then. The first chance he got, he was in the air at the controls of an airplane. He turned that passion into a career, eventually becoming a Senior Captain for Alaska Airlines. When not checking the surf from 39,000 feet up, Rob and his Flight Attendant wife June can be found on the best beaches in the world. After years of surfing and windsurfing, Rob it totally hooked on sup and rides everyday he is at his home on the shores of Southern California.

John Dubock, Advisory Board Member – Park City, Utah
Roaming the Desert west spreading the sup love is JD’s passion.  A tireless Heartland, flat water advocate, he’s not adverse to poaching sweet point waves with his brother Glenn at Pitas Point, CA.  John writes/edits and matches Clay email for email at 4am to raise the compelling content bar at the Journal.  John is our social media, trade show/event evangalista.
View more at http://about.me/johndubock/bio

Zach ErnstZach Ernst, Assistant Editor — Concord, New Hampshire
Zach Ernst is Standup Journal’s assistant editor. He grew up in New England with access to gorgeous mountains and pristine coastlines—a perfect playground for a guy who just couldn’t sit still. Somehow Zach managed to settle down long enough to attend St. Joseph’s College and the University of New Hampshire, receiving a degree in English and awards for poetry and short fiction.  Since he can’t play all the time, Zach works full time as a senior editor for a publishing company in southern New Hampshire. He also freelances on the side, acting as editorial consultant for a diverse array of clients ranging from startup tech companies to community organizations such as SCCC and CERT. When he’s not busy wrangling words, Zach suffers from wanderlust and enjoys hiking, riding his motorcycle, and adventuring in general. Currently in the process of recovering from major back surgery, Zach is anxious to incorporate standup paddling as an essential part of his physical therapy so he can get back in action!

Nikki Gregg Standup PaddlingNikki Gregg,  Advisory Board Member  — Hood River, Oregon
Most likely you’ve seen or heard of her somewhere. Whether it has been in a SUP magazine, an instructional video or DVD, performing SUP clinics and boot camps, racing all over the country, surfing in Hawaii, running whitewater in Colorado, or paddling downwinders in the Columbia Gorge- Nikki Gregg is everywhere! And, according to her, it’s only the beginning.
As writer Jennifer Holcombe once depicted about her, “Nikki Gregg is one of the innovators of our sport. An all-around water athlete and accomplished whitewater paddler, Nikki’s magic is in the way she blends her experiences, creating NRG Fitness – an often imitated model for SUP-focused fitness and nutrition programs that bring new paddlers and aspiring athletes to the core of the sport.”
Fitness and whitewater prowess aside, over the last five years Nikki has firmly planted herself in the roots of the SUP family tree. Always on the search for new ways to grow the SUP community and inspire paddlers all over the world, Nikki is passionate about expanding and adapting her professional role in the SUP industry.
Recently, Nikki has been adopted as member of Stand Up Journal’s advisory board in order to offer her unique perspective and insight on photos and story direction. Nikki says of her new role, “I am beyond thankful for this opportunity to work with Stand Up Journal. Clay’s enthusiasm for SUP is contagious and I have always enjoyed working with him and his team of experts. “

Candice Appleby,  Advisory Board Member  — San Clemente, CA
I am Candice Appleby, a professional ocean athlete. I have always loved the ocean. Before moving to the San Clemente, CA I lived in Glendora, a good hour from the beach. I started surfing at age nine and competing at age ten, which made living inland somewhat tortuous. When I was 12, my sister and my dreams came true when our family moved to one of the best surf towns in the US. I competed in longboarding and shortboarding all through my adolescence. While in High school I was the captain of the National Champion San Clemente High Surf Team. Upon graduation from high school I was asked to participate in the World Games in South Africa as a member of the US amateur team, however I declined the offer as I already had prior plans of moving to Hawaii to further my education and athletic career.

I graduated from the University of Hawaii in 2008 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Tropical Plants & Soil Science. During the eight years I lived in Hawaii, I met some amazing people and was mentored by some great athletes. I currently reside in San Clemente and have been competing in professional sup competitions and open ocean sup races for almost six years. In the summer of 2008, I became the first woman to beat the men in a sup surfing event at the Duke Kahanamoku Oceanfest. In October of this year I won my fourth consecutive Battle of the Paddle which is essentially the World Championship of sup racing.

Beyond sup, I also compete in ocean triathlons, various pro longboard events, body surfing, canoe surfing, prone paddleboarding, lifeguard competitions and other ASP sanction events. In 2010, Standup Journal featured me as the “Woman of the Year” in their worldwide publication. This year I launched an Anti-Bullying campaign called “Stand Up for the Children” and I am also the Host of the “Wake Up Sup Show” on supconnect.com, as well as the CFO/Co-Founder of Performance Paddling LLC. In my free time I volunteer with the Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation, taking US Marines from the Wounded Warriors Battalion surfing as part of their ocean therapy. It is in the balance of fitness, competition, travel, family and faith that I am able to fully appreciate all the things I am capable of accomplishing, as well as inviting new opportunities into my life.

Kira Feeter is also a Journal advisory board member who has been playing in and on the water practically since birth. Kira has been capturing images since first trying out a Walgreen’s throwaway camera during a family trip in grade school. She learned from watching her Uncle Glenn Dubock in action to “see” light and how it bends, creating unique images she makes with her own flare. The recent college graduate has her degree in business/marketing and is based in Boston, where she works in the international diamond business. In her senior year at college, Kira was awarded the highest honor the school’s athletic department hands out: The Jacqueline Palmer Award, given to the graduating athletic scholar the panel feels will “continue to make a difference.”

Anna Feeter joins Standup Journal’s advisory board, bringing the Women’s and 20-Something perspective even more into focus for us. Anna is the starting setter for the Lasell College (Boston) women’s volleyball team where she is studying to become a physical therapist, and is on her college’s athletic scholar honor roll. Anna, like big sis Kira, has transitioned her many years of dance performance seamlessly into paddling her sup board around New England, which does with her sister and with dad, Clay, and step mom, Joyce.

Jodelle Fitzwater sup yoga instructorJodelle Fitzwater is trained as a Certified PaddleFit Level 3 Instructor, E-RYT200 Yoga Teacher, Certified SUPYoga Therapist, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Coach & Certified Food Psychology Coach, and as a self-proclaimed mermaid she has no fear of depth, but a great fear of shallow living. She believes wholeheartedly in using modalities of SUP as therapy to help heal not only body misalignments, but also to help heal depression and anxiety in certain populations. You can find Jodelle at www.getfitwithjodelle.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/getfitwithjodelle

The rest of “The Team” is You!

The success of our Wind Tracks days and the continued “life on the water” thrill and feel of Standup Journal will grow and flourish with your photographic and writing contributions. We pay for your creative contributions! Go to Contribute to learn more.


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