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What do world class surfers like Kelly Slater, Kai Lenny and Koa Smith have in common with key members of the shipping industry?  Watch this short video to find out:

A New Earth: Sustainable Packaging for the Love of the Ocean

When world champion surfers collaborate with industry leaders to mitigate the effects of plastic pollution in our world’s oceans, the impact is tremendous.  Join Wes Carter, president of Atlantic Packaging and founder of A New Earth Project in the above trailer, “Journey to A New Earth”.  Here, he unfolds his dream alongside Kelly Slater, Kai Lenny and notable others from the professional surf world to discuss solutions for eliminating plastic within the shipping industry as an important step towards protecting our oceans.

A new earth project atlantic packaging wes Carter
Sustainable solutions to shipping and packaging are the focal point of A New Earth Project. A few waves caught in between work sessions is part inspiration, part research. Photo: A New Earth Project

Wes Carter is not just the president of Atlantic Packaging, one of the largest privately held packing companies in North American. He’s also a lifelong surfer and dedicated ocean lover. When he realized that the packaging industry was one of the greatest culprits for plastic pollution, he decided to do take action. Today, Wes and others are leading an international movement to educate companies on how to reduce plastic consumption in shipping materials by innovating new ways to deliver products safely without the biohazard of plastic in the mix. Welcome to “A New Earth Project”.

Want to learn more?

See Change Sessions:  A Place to Take Action

On September 13-15th, 2022 learn more PLUS meet Wes Carter and Kai Lenny at SeeChange Sessions in Burlington, Vermont. This interactive Climate Action Summit gathers business leaders from around the country together with climate activists, professional athletes, CEO’s, legislative leaders and the key members of the outdoor industry in order to foster positive, collaborative solutions to the climate crisis.

Interspersed with interactive lab sessions, Q&A’s,  keynote talks and more, See Change participants are welcomed to register for outdoor activities from hiking to e-Foiling, yoga and stand up paddling. See Change Sessions understands that our motivation to inspire change comes from our relationship with our outdoor environment. Therefore, each summit includes ample opportunities to engage in the outdoors, and each other, in novel formats that enhance communication and forge friendships throughout the two-day event.

Tickets are available for both the virtual and in-person event.

A new earth project atlantic packaging Wes Carter oceans
Staying connected to the water only helps increase our creativity and motivation. Check out See Change Sessions’ in-person agenda to find out more. Photo: A New Earth Project

Letters to the Editor:  Let’s Hear from You

Standup Journal encourages our wide readership to add their voices to the conversation. We would love to hear your thoughts on encouraging others to implement positive change around the plastic pollution problem. What are ways we can collaborate with each other to drive solutions?  Email us at editor@standupjournal.com

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