Annabel Anderson: Rediscovering the Art of Play

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She’s back. After multiple years on haitus due to burn out, injury, recovery, and more, Annabel Anderson, multi-world champion SUP athlete offers her thoughts on the art of play and staying fit for life in this short video.

Video:  “The Art of Play” with Annabel Anderson

After a series of life-altering accidents and injuries in 2018, World Champion SUP racer Annabel Anderson was forced to slow down. During her rehabilitation, Annabel began to rethink her relationship with sports, competition and her body.

Read about Annabel’s choice to step away
from world competition HERE.

Seeking a chance to disconnect from her usual fast-paced world filled with travel, events, and media coverage, Annabel sets off for French Polynesia. There, she meets up with fellow SUP athlete Fernando Stalla in Tahiti and the duo decide to explore one of the world’s greatest surf destinations: Teahupo’o. Tahiti’s rich culture and majestic landscape offer a perfect backdrop to Annabel’s re-engagement with the world of water through surfing, foiling and stand up paddling. Annabel feels the fire ignite within and chooses to explore further…

Annabel Anderson stand up paddling
Photo Glenn Dubock

Next, Annabel makes her way aboard the Aranui 5, a hybrid freighter/passenger ship on its way to one of the most remote archipelagos in the world, the Marquesas Islands.  These islands, otherwise knows as “The Land of Men”, are steeped in water culture, history, wildlife, and are home to a long lineage of watermen. It’s here that Annabel reconnects with the love of sport that initially drove her to compete. It is here that she realizes the value in the Art of Play.

Annabel Anderson wing foiling NSP
Between the sea & sky: Annabel explores the nuances of wing foiling at home in New Zealand.  Photo by: Georgia Schofield

2022 Annabel Anderson:  Athlete, Coach, and Mentor

Today, Anderson continues to stoke her love of sport through online coaching, clinics, and speaking at private events. She shares her compelling story of living as a world champion for over a decade and now choosing to give back to the sport through her instruction and inspiration.

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One thing remains consistent. That is Anderson’s drive to get out and do, seek new challenges and be relentless in the pursuit of excellence. Her recent exploits include teaching herself to wing foil at her home base on Lake Wanaka, hiking-to-paddle on New Zealand’s highest peaks and offering her online coaching worldwide,

Pick up a copy of Standup Journal’s WINTER21 issue to read, “On a Wing and a Prayer”, by Annabel Anderson on her latest foray into wing foiling.

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