“Broken Molds: The Origin Story of Windsurfing”: Film about the Power of Watersports

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“Broken Molds: The Origin Story of Windsurfing” is a rich storytelling and vibrant capture from across the spectrum of watersports about the history of windsurfing and its impact on the innovations that came after. The film, directed and written by Jace Panebianco of Poor Boyz Productions, celebrated a world premiere at the Maui Film Festival. Currently, the film is rolling out across the country.  You don’t want to miss this.  Check out the trailer and info below.

‘Broken Molds’: The Legacy of Windsurfing

Among today’s boom in surfing and the birth of so many new innovations in watersports, windsurfing’s legacy is all but lost. ‘Broken Molds’ features a rich and probing look at the roots of this once explosively popular sport. Stemming back to 1960’s California with Hoyle Schweitzer and his pals Tom Morey, Hobie Alter and Grubby Clark, all self proclaimed ‘surfers who didn’t care much about anything else’, this group of watermen grew to make lasting impacts and products that would change the world.

The origins of windsurfing is complicated, but great success is almost always paired with controversy. Narrated in large part by Gerry Lopez, ‘Broken Molds’ moves between generations and sports to explore a time when windsurfing was the most popular watersport on the planet. Panebianco seamlessly weaves together never-before-seen 16mm archival film footage with the latest Red Digital Cinema cameras to transport viewers through seminal moments in watersports’ history. The question is raised, who invented windsurfing?

While others may have thought of harnessing the wind, as Laird Hamilton explains: “It’s what you do with that thought that separates you from other people.”

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Find out where ‘Broken Molds: The Origins of Windsurfing’ is being premiered in your local area. Written and Directed by Jace Panebianco of Poor Boyz Productions

Challenge and Hardship:  Resilience is a Life Lesson Well Learned

This is a family drama challenged by cancer, lawsuits and broken friendships. Anchored in a commitment to action that Poor Boyz Productions is famous for, ‘Broken Molds’ features incredible footage of surf, windsurf, foil and big wave surfing segments dropped into a charged soundtrack to keep viewers riveted to their seats, anticipating the next drop, aerial, wipe out and more.

‘Broken Molds’ is a poignant and well told documentary of the Schweitzer families’ passionate drive to make windsurfing into the ‘fastest growing sport in the world’ out of their pure love of water.

With insightful interviews from the pantheon of watersports gods and goddesses including Gerry Lopez, Laird Hamilton, Matt Schweitzer, Kai Lenny, Robby Naish, Justine DuPont, and Zane Schweitzer, “Broken Molds” just smashed its way into surf history.

Be on the lookout for a local viewing in your area and dive into the action on a big screen surrounded by your surf buddies (highly recommended) to experience the full throttle adrenaline and life lessons offered by this film.

For more information, go to:  https://brokenmoldsdoc.com/

And, let the ride begin!


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